Blu-ray 3D Stereoscopic Authoring

We can help you to take your 3D products to market.

3D is no longer only in cinemas, but Blu-ray became the optimal platform thanks to its unique capabilites
such as high capacity, the full 1080p resolution, and the backing of all major Hollywood studios.

Digitális Stúdió Kft. is one of the first facilities in Hungary where full services are available for Blu-ray 3D.
We work NetBlender DoStudio software package used.

We offer the full range of end to end services like capturing content from tape or file, authoring
with chapter and scene selection, and carefully placing menus and subtitles so they don’t interfere
with the action.

Furthermore our studio is equipped for full quality control. Compatibility is tested on multiple playback devices, including testing for any playback issues on 3D and 2D platforms and on the PS3 console.

3D menu and subtitle design

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